Case Study 2 – Inflammatory Skin Condition

Case Study 2 – Inflammatory Skin Condition

This gentleman came to me in September 2021 looking for help with his inflammatory skin condition that affects his forehead. He was using topical steroid treatment to keep the redness down. However, he wanted to no longer be reliant on the steroid cream.

After his initial consultation, where we looked at his triggers and overall skin health, we began working on barrier repair and reducing the inflammation. Some of the triggers were unavoidable, such as stress, his job can at times be stressful, and it was an extremely stressful period in his life that triggered the condition initially, so this would be a case of managing the condition whilst those triggering factors were still there.

He started his skincare regime very gradually, focusing on barrier repair and the in-clinic treatments started immediately. In the beginning, the treatments were fortnightly until the skin was staying consistently calmer, and we currently treat once a month. We are 6 months into his program, and his skin has made excellent progress. It no longer has the angry, red, dry patches and is much more tolerant of the triggers that would once flare the condition.

This gentleman is extremely happy with his results so far. He may have the odd flare-up now and again, however, through our education, he understands why his skin becomes red and is able to manage the condition better.

skin condition treatment clinic Sheffield - before

skin condition treatment clinic Sheffield - after