Slimyonk Air Bodystlyer

The SLIMYONIK® AIR Bodystyler is the leading and most advanced technology for Body and Aesthetic care. Offering tailored pressure therapy massage combined with the inhalation of air enriched with oxygen, which gently activates your lymph system, boosts your metabolism, and increases the flow of blood to your skin and fatty tissue.

How It Works

The SLIMYONIK® | AIR Bodystyler’s primary function is to gently activate your entire Lymph system, boost your metabolism and increase the blood flow to your skin and fatty tissue. Our lymph cannot move on its own and therefore must be “flowed”. However with the modern day lifestyle being particularly sedentary (“sitting is the new smoking”), many of us are noticing the negative effects of a poor metabolism, as well as a compromised immune system, both of which are effected by sluggish lymph.

By utilising the 11 different algorithms based on the Dr Vodder (Lymphologist) method, we can improve bodily functions and improve overall health and wellness.

During the treatment:

  •  The initial phase will apply pressure to the hips and abdomen, which enables to Cavial Vein to open. This creates an open circuit so that lymph flow is increased, and toxin and waste secretions are more effectively removed.
  • Following on from this, there will be a series of intermittent pressure wave algorithms – lasting between 30-45 minutes - designed specifically to target areas of concern.


    The SLIMYONIK® | AIR Bodystyler, provides ambient oxygen enriched air to further enhance all known benifits, as well as feed every cell with “cleaner” nutrients, and detoxify. This results in significant improvement to skin health, especially when combined with other treatment modalities either on the day or as part of a recommended treatment plan.


Increased lymph flow & metabolism (6x more effective)
Providing all round holistic skin health benefits
Enhanced cellular detoxification
Improved mental and physical state of mind
Improved nutrient absorption
Increased energy levels
Subsequently more effective fat burn

Supports the following skin conditions:

Inflammatory conditions
Post treatment healing

Support & management of inflammatory skin conditions

The SLIMYONIK® AIR | Bodystyler is the perfect solution to support the systemic reduction and prevention of inflammatory skin disorders, such as Acne & Rosacea, to reduce, repair and rebalance the symptoms.

1. Activates entire lymphatic system:

SLIMYONIK® treatments help to increase lymphatic circulation, having a direct positive effect on the body’s immune system. With our immune system working optimally, we are less likely to suffer from disease and chronic inflammation, which can play havoc on our skin health, particularly those suffering with inflammatory disorders such as Acne and Rosacea.

2. Oxygen delivery increases cell detoxification:

The additional inhalation of purified ambient oxygen during the SLIMYONIK® treatment helps to increase cellular respiration, increasing levels of healthy skin constituents and removing the accumulation of unwanted cellular toxins.

3. Increases repair and regenerative responses:

The delivery of oxygen helps to initiate the supply of Vaso Endothelial growth factors (VEGF’s), which are essential in the treatment of chronic skin conditions such as Acne and Rosacea, due to their positive effects in instigating repair and reducing the inflammatory processes within the skin.

4. Improves the skin-gut relationship:

The SLIMYONIK® treatment helps to create a better relationship between the ‘Skin-gut-axis’ – the link between gut microbiome and healthy, happy skin. Increasing good gut function, and reducing a ‘leaky gut’, lessens the possibility of harmful bacteria’s and by-products reaching the skin, which could exacerbate the inflammation and proliferation of Acne and Rosacea. Improving gut function will also aid the absorption of skin-health supplements, enabling them to get to work more effectively.

5. Manages stress and hormone levels:

The systemic approach of 360-degree wellness through pressure therapy massage communicates directly with the parasympathetic nervous system, helping regulate the endocrine system to manage the “stress hormone” cortisol. Although cortisol can be beneficial, with excessive amounts and over long periods of time, this may suppress our immunity. A proven theory of reducing chronic inflammation within the body, has shown to have a direct impact to improve skin health and reduce inflammatory skin diseases.





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