Skin Of Colour

Women and men of colour can find it a challenge to find the right advice and practitioner experienced in treating darker skins. Skin of colour requires a considered, educated approach to treat them successfully. Here at RE/SKIN we have experience in the management and welcome skin of all colours and know the exact demands of black skin and the challenges in treating these skins.

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Black skin has a higher risk of hyperpigmentation, not just from clinical treatments but from the everyday skin conditions that it may experience. Take acne for example, due to the inflammation of the acne lesions, this can result in pigmentated lesions being left in the place of a spot. And when it comes to in clinic treatments the correct skin prep is vital to safe and successful results.

Within black skin the melanocytes are larger, more active and produce more melanin than lighter skin tones. Because of this increase in melanin, it can be more susceptible to over producing patchy pigmentation (hyperpigmentation) or loss of colour (hypopigmentation).

When the skin is experiencing an injury or inflammation melanin production is triggered as a protective response. These injuries or inflammations, from the skin’s perspective aren’t just the typical cuts and bruises, they can be acne lesions, sun exposure, friction, illness, medications, and hormones, that can all trigger hyper or hypo pigmentation.

In terms of skincare and skin treatments these can also cause issues on skin of colour if used incorrectly. Its important to seek experienced professional advice for support and treatment to avoid damage that can lead to issues.

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