Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition which presents as redness and flushing on the face. The skin can become inflamed and may have small spots, some with white or yellow centres. The redness will normally be seen over the nose and cheek area.

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Because the condition can cause constant dilation of the blood vessels, the capillary walls can weaken and become permanently visible.

As the condition can cause small spots, it is commonly misdiagnosed. Unfortunately, if this is the case, the treatments and products used to treat the spots can worsen the condition.

Rosacea can develop in either sex at any age but is more commonly seen in women aged between 30-50. Known contributors to the condition include the individual’s genetics, their immune system, their diet, and the environment around them.

If you suspect you are suffering from the condition, your skin care specialist will analyse the affected skin and discuss with you the various possible contributing factors. As everyone’s skin and lifestyle is unique, the cause of the condition in one person may be very different to the next. It is highly recommended you do not try to diagnose Rosacea without the advice of a skin care specialist.

If you do suffer from Rosacea, then the following can aggravate the condition:
Drastic temperature changes
Spicy foods
Poor skincare

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