Skin Conditions

Find out more about common skin conditions, their treatments, and how Re-Skin Clinic can help you reach your skin goals.


Are you experiencing congested skin or blemishes? Then our acne relief treatments are for you. Tackling oily clogging and build up, our peels and treatments work wonders on any acne skin. Perfect for reducing harsh inflammation.


To rejuvenate an ageing face, our skin peel is excellent for speeding cell renewal. Our multifunctional peel is also Vitamin A infused to boost the stimulation of collagen and elastin production.

skin of colour

Women and men of colour can find it a challenge to find the right advice and practitioner experienced in treating darker skins. Skin of colour requires a considered, educated approach to treat them successfully. Here at RE/SKIN we have experience in the management and welcome skin of all colours and know the exact demands of black skin and the challenges in treating these skins.


We have many treatments here which can help with dehydration. We are particularly proud of the Glow Peel we provide, that helps rejuvenate dehydrated skin back to normal health. Read more about the multipurpose treatments we provide.

dry skin

Dry skin is a problem that affects many people but thanks to our Advanced Skincare solutions it becomes to be less of an issue for those now with it. Our medical grade peels are here to help, working effectively to resurface and reduce any dryness to your skin.

oily skin

For people with more oily skin, we offer several facial treatments to tackle your specific skin concerns. Our consultations and appointments always try to set out your skin goals to work towards your skin looking the best you want it to be.


Looking to reduce the pigmentation on your skin? Look no further than our Digital Needling skin treatment. It visibly reduces the harsh signs of ageing as well as sun damage and pigmentation on the skin.


We even offer more long-term treatments for people suffering Rosacea, and experiencing flushing and stinging sensations in the face. Our treatments are medical grade and can be enhanced and strengthened depending on your needs. Read more about our treatments below.