There are two types of ageing when it comes to our skin. Natural, biological (intrinsic) ageing known as chronological ageing. And, Premature (extrinsic) ageing.

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As we age our skin slows in the reproduction of its cells and other functions. For example, in our youth, our skin cells will reproduce on a 28-day cycle. However, over time this can slow right down to a 60-day cycle. Most people are aware that as we age the production of collagen slows and so the structure and plumpness of our facial skin reduces. How quickly you age in this way is determined by your individual genetic makeup.

When external environmental factors (that could be avoided) accelerate the ageing process, this is known as extrinsic ageing or Premature ageing. The main culprit for this is exposure to the UV rays of the sun. However, there are a number of other factors such as poor diet, medication, stress, pollution, and other lifestyle choices, which also impact.

All these factors cause free radical activity in the skin and this prevents it from functioning effectively, causing a further decrease in collagen production.

Premature ageing can result in fine lines and wrinkles and an overall sagging of the skin. Other signs can include the skin appearing thin and fragile, and pigment issues such as sunspots.

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