Endymed Skin Tightening

ENDYMED is a cutting-edge, FDA approved, clinical device that uses the most sophisticated form of radiofrequency energy, 3DEEP Skin Science, to deliver treatments that target every layer of your skin.

endymed skin tightening treatment at clinic in Sheffield

From deep within the skin, where the energy stimulates collagen production, to tighten, firm and improve your skin structure, all the way up to the skins surface, to smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone and restore radiance.

As collagen takes time to remodel and form full effects of the treatment will typically be seen after 3 months or more following your treatment course. Some treatments however also deliver short term results with an immediate lift and a healthy glow, the perfect pick-me up before a big event!

Tailored treatments target specific areas of concern for the most effective results:

Face & Neck: Tightens and lifts lax and sagging skin in the cheek, jowl, and neck.
iFINE: Tightens and lifts skin in the delicate eye area and smooths fine lines and wrinkles.


Full Treatment - including a light resurfacing treatment and finishing with an application of growth factors to enhance results.

1 area (face/neck): £150

2 areas (face&neck): £195

iFINE (eyes): £150

Express - Radiofrequency only.

1 area: £125

2 areas: £180


For best results treatment schedule should be as follows:
4 Weekly treatments
2 fortnightly treatments

1 area – 6 treatments £730
2 areas – 6 treatments £980
iFINE – 6 treatments £730

endymed skin tightening skin treatment clinic Sheffield