Dermaviduals Zinc Liposome

Dermaviduals Zinc Liposome

It has been well documented that zinc is essential for the survival and function of all skins. It is an essential element in cell growth and forms an integral part of several enzymes and co factors. It is particularly helpful for hormonal acne and applying Zinc topically allows us to prevent enzymatic activity within the skin that would otherwise lead to Acne.

Zinc is also necessary for the production of superoxide dismutase which is a powerful skin antioxidant. Zinc is both anti inflammatory and antibacterial, both of which are helpful for Acne and it can be used for the the prevention and care of blemished skin. People who suffer from acne often show low zinc levels so it is also worth thinking about supplementing with Zinc or making sure to include foods which are rich in zinc in your diet. Foods high in Zinc include: meat, shell fish, tofu, legumes such as chickpeas, lentils, beans, nuts and seeds, diary such as milk, yoghurt, cheese, wholegrains such as brown rice.

Zinc is also required for collagen production, elastin synthesis, DNA repair and DNA duplication as well as for cell division.

Dermaviduals have encapsulated the zinc sulphate in this product in liposomes meaning that the effectiveness of this already helpful ingredient is intensified.

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* A non irritating formula
* Calms down inflammation and reduce inflammatory blemishes
* Reduces the effect both hormones and bacteria can have on the skin
* Helps prevent the clogging up of pores
* Reduces the amount of sebum (oil) the skin produces and therefore reduce shine
* Healing – promotes the healing of blemishes
* Supports skin regeneration


Aqua*Pentylene Glycol*Urea*Alcohol*SodiumLactate*Lecithin*
Zinc Sulphate*Glycerin*Hydroxyethylcellulose*Sclerotium gum*Disodium phosphate*