Skin Vit A+


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Skin rejuvenating vitamin complex

A blend of vitamin A and vitamin D, Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Vit A+ beautifully rejuvenates your skin.

Vitamin A encourages skin cell renewal and supports skin health while vitamin D is vital for the immune system, bone health and muscle performance. Research has shown that as many as 90% of people are deficient in vitamin A. Issues including dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation are all signs of vitamin A deficiency. It is difficult for the body to absorb vital nutrients from skincare creams alone and so the easiest way to address vitamin levels is with a supplement.

Skin Vit A+ capsules feature Vitamin A in the form of retinyl palmitate which is easily absorbed. You can look forward to a revitalised complexion and a feeling of general well-being when you incorporate this supplement programme into your daily routine.

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