High Energy Calming PH Spray


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Suitable for all customers.
Ideal for aftercare of the skin or after sunbathing, shaving etc.

Extract from the leaves of lemon myrtle
(Backhousia Citriodora Leaf Extract)
Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, balancing
Citric Acid Buffer (Sodium Citrate Buffer)
Buffers and stabilizes the acidic pH of the skin
24h moisturizing & smoothing complex
(composition of amino acids, urea, lactic acid, Aloe & Panthenol)
hydrating, skin care, increases the moisture retention capacity

Additional information

Acidifies the skin surface and buffers the pH of the hydrolipid film
Stabilizes the acid protective coat, gives the skin more resistance and counteracts an imbalance of the germ flora (dysbiosis)
Helps prevent the transition of the skin to an inflammatory stage

Formally Rebecca Elsdon Advanced Skin, brand new clinic coming soon!