How to get your skin party ready for the festive season

Its just under six weeks away from when the man in the big red suit comes to visit meaning this is the time that the party season really does get underway, but is your skin ready?


Here’s a few little tips if you’re thinking your skin needs a bit of a pick me up before the festivities start.


Hydration is the key to help keep your skin functioning to its best. From now on up your hydration by increasing your water intake throughout the day. The more hydration you get into your skin the more your skin will look plump and with a youthful glow.



The buzzword in the skincare industry at the minute is retinol, this active is amazing for keeping your skin looking young and fresh. However if you have not already introduced this product into your skincare regime leave this until after the festive period. Retinol when first used can cause dryness and irritation in some skins and this is certainly not what you need for your Christmas parties. Instead opt for hydrating serums to increase those hydration levels within the skin and help plump. Vitamin C is great for brightening and helping the skin function well, but make sure it contains the L-Ascorbic Acid form of Vitamin C, this is the one that is most bio-available for the skin to use. Lastly, acids. Used in low percentages in your skincare products these actives will help brighten your complexion and help keep your skin cells renewing at a healthy rate.



The type of treatments to have would depend on your skin type and concern, and most importantly the time you have left until your event.

Any treatment that will gently exfoliate the skin and hydrate is a winner. If you have a good seven days before your event a light peel followed by LED light therapy will leave you glowing all the way to your party. If you have a little longer, three weeks plus a session of Microneedling would be great. This treatment will help rejuvenate the skin, speed up cellular turnover, and increase hydration and collagen levels. This treatment must be backed up with great skincare at home to get the best results.

Don’t panic if you only have a few days, you can still achieve that party glow. By having a Medi facial and some LED light therapy you can still be the belle of the ball.

And don’t forget when the clock strikes 12 and the party’s over, remove your make up before you get into bed!